Why Do We Celebrate the International Day of Charity?

The world is full of tragedies – some countries are overwhelmed with war, others have natural disasters to tackle, and some are dealing with excessive poverty. With such overwhelming problems existing in the real world, people from the privileged ends of the world can’t help but step up and try to make contributions to help improve the lives of those in need.

There are several ways that developed countries across the globe have been trying to aid other countries in need. While some send monetary aid, others are busy providing human resources and medical reinforcements to tackle different types of problems. One of the most prevalent ways to help different people is by donating to orphanage websites and organizations.

There are many noticeable occasions throughout the year centered on helping people in need, but one of the most important days continues to be the international day of charity. The International Day of Charity was created to help large companies, NGOs, entities, and social groups to come together and work for common philanthropic notions.

It was initially created to commemorate the work and the service that Mother Teresa offered to humanity. The day has served several different purposes over the years, and some of them will be discussed as we move forward with this blog.

Let’s begin!

Birth of Inclusive & Resilient Societies

By establishing 5th September as the International Day of Charity, the UN has established healthy patterns for various countries to participate and engage in activities that provide a positive philanthropic effect on the world.

Celebrating a day for charity throughout the world has helped nations and societies come together and form social bonds, inclusive patterns, and resilient behaviors.

Increasing the Art of Giving

Not everyone is born privileged and in a world full of opportunities. Many people have to work hard throughout their lives and still live below the poverty line. With the International Day of Charity, NGOs and other communities have been able to create awareness about different orphanage organizations and charities to help them expand and cater to the needs of the children that they are housing.

Provide Relevant Medical Attention

Many underdeveloped countries and spaces in the world are still struggling to get their hands on some basic medical assistance. With the help of an international charity day, people and organizations are easily donating and creating awareness for these people. With the help of large NGOs, providing medical attention to underprivileged areas becomes easier.

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